Initial YubiKey Troubleshooting

This article brings up some initial troubleshooting steps to help identify what might be wrong with your YubiKey. Please know that this may not solve your issue, but it’s worth trying the steps out below before submitting a ticket with our support team for further troubleshooting. 

Before starting the troubleshooting, please make sure to remove any initial USB-Hubs,  extension, etc., Insert the key directly into your device.


  1. Is the YubiKey physically powered on?
    Plug in the key and check whether the LED turns on. If it doesn't, try flipping the key over and inserting again; some USB ports are upside down. See here for a visual example of how the YubiKey 5 Nano looks when properly inserted into a USB port.

  2. Is the YubiKey seen by your Operating System?
    Please check that YubiKey OTP+FIDO+CCID or similar appears in one of the following locations when the key is inserted. The YubiKey Bio will appear here as YubiKey FIDO, and our Security Keys will show as "Security Key by Yubico".
    • Windows users check Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.
    • macOS users check (Apple Menu) > About This Mac > System Report, and look under Hardware > USB.
    • Linux users check lsusb -v in Terminal.

  3. Is your YubiKey’s touch sensor working?
    Test WebAuthn by following the steps here. Successfully completing the WebAuthn demo confirms that the YubiKey's touch sensor is working properly.
    • YubiKeys use capacitive touch sensors, so if your skin is dry, it will be harder for a touch to be recognized. Lotion may help this, and you can also try applying more pressure to make sure your finger covers more of the sensor.
    • The touch sensor is the golden part of your YubiKey (or the round black circle of the YubiKey BIO).

  4. Have any interfaces been disabled on your YubiKey?
    Find instructions on re-enabling them in the article Enabling or Disabling USB Interfaces.

  5. Is your Yubico OTP working? (YubiKey 5 series only)
    Test your Yubico OTP by following the steps here.
    • In case Yubico OTP is not working, you can find instructions on how to reset the function here.

  6. Have you registered a fingerprint? (YubiKey BIO series only)
    For the YubiKey BIO series, make sure you have enrolled at least one fingerprint - see this page for initial setup instructions.
    • Additional troubleshooting steps for the YubiKey Bio can also be found on this page under Frequently asked questions (near the bottom).
      manual-icon.svg Note:
      The YubiKey Bio Multi-protocol Edition supports using fingerprint verification
      in lieu of the PIN when performing cryptographic operations. In the case of PIV smart card however, to provide users with this fingerprint option, client software or middleware is required. Yubico has implemented support for this in the Yubico Minidriver from version 4.6.1. If users attempt to use PIV smart card on the YubiKey Bio Multi-protocol Edition without supporting middleware, they will encounter limitations.

      In scenarios where supporting middleware is not available or not utilized, users can still access the PIV application on the YubiKey Bio Multi-protocol Edition. However, they will not have the option to utilize fingerprint authentication for cryptographic operations. Instead, they will need to rely on traditional methods such as entering a PIN.

      While users can still access the PIV application and perform cryptographic operations, they miss out on the convenience and potentially enhanced security offered by biometric authentication. Without the fingerprint option, users may need to rely on the PIN.
  7. Have you followed troubleshooting instructions for the service/app that isn’t working properly with the YubiKey?
    You can find security setup instructions for many services in our Works with YubiKey Catalog, or in the service's help center, directly. 

  8. Is the issue localized?
    Try your Key on another device, go through the steps above and see if the Key works. If it works, the issue could be with your device and/or its USB-ports. 

Does the issue still persist? Please open a support ticket. 

If the above steps don't resolve your issue, consider opening a support ticket here for further assistance. When filing a ticket, please include as many of the following items as possible:

  1. What you are trying to accomplish overall, a link to the steps you are following if applicable, and clarification on what is going wrong.
  2. Try the Key on the YubiKey Demo site and send us the result. 
  3. A screenshot of the Home Screen and the Interfaces Tab for YubiKey Manager.
    • Note that in Windows 10 or older, you will need to run YubiKey Manager as an administrator
  4. Which operating system and browser you are using, including versions.
  5. The order number or invoice from your YubiKey purchase.
  6. If able to test on multiple machines, whether the problem occurs on both.