Testing Yubico OTP

This article covers how to test the factory programmed Yubico one-time password (OTP) credential. If you have overwritten this credential, you can use the YubiKey for YubiCloud Configuration Guide to program a new Yubico OTP credential and upload the credential to YubiCloud.

Testing the Credential

  1. Insert the YubiKey into the computer.
  2. In a web browser (Chrome is recommended), browse to https://demo.yubico.com/.
  3. Click the Yubico OTP button. The following screen, "Test your YubiKey with Yubico OTP" shows the cursor blinking in the Yubico OTP field.
  4. Tap the metal button or contact on the YubiKey. The OTP appears in the Yubico OTP field. It should start with "cc" or "vv". If it does not start with these letters, the credential has been overwritten, and you need to program a new OTP credential (see above).
  5. Click Validate.