Basic Security Key Troubleshooting

If your Security Key by Yubico or FIDO U2F Security Key isn't functioning, you can follow the instructions below. 

  1. Plug the Security Key in and confirm the LED turns on. If not, try flipping it over as some USB ports are "upside down".
  2. If you don’t see the LED, try a different USB port on the computer or another computer if you have one available.
  3. Check to see how the Security Key is being identified.
    • Windows users, check Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.
    • MacOS users, check Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report, and look under Hardware > USB.
    • Linux users check dmesg in terminal.
  4. Make sure the Security Key shows up as Security Key by Yubico.
  5. Test U2F at in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

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