Obtaining an API Key for YubiKey Development

To get your API key, click here and enter a valid email address along with the Yubico OTP from any of your YubiKeys (click within the YubiKey OTP field and touch your YubiKey's capacitive touch sensor), and click Get API Key. If an OTP is not generated, then please follow the instructions here to program a new Yubico OTP credential. The page displayed provides you with your generated Client ID (otherwise known as the AuthID or API ID) and the generated API key (Secret Key). Be sure to make a note of both and use these two values in your client. Before testing, wait five to ten minutes after generating the key so that the API key will be updated on all the YubiCloud servers. A lifetime subscription to our YubiCloud validation service is included with all YubiKeys, and there are no additional fees to use the YubiCloud validation service. For more information about developing website APIs, see Yubico for Developers.