Getting Started with Your YubiKey

For video guidance on getting started with your YubiKey, please see here.


If you recently purchased a YubiKey and are not sure on how to get started, please see our setup page here on how to use the YubiKey. There you'll find tips, instructions and additional videos to help you get started! Note that, in many cases, it is not necessary to configure your key prior to using it with online services. It is recommended that you make a configuration change to your key only if instructed to do so by a particular service.

To start using your YubiKey, you will need to register your key with whatever compatible service accounts you wish to protect. Please find guides on how to register your key with different service accounts, via our Works with YubiKey Catalog


If you find that certain services you have accounts with are not listed in our Works With YubiKey Catalog, but they support authenticator apps, you should be able to use a YubiKey with them by following the general guidance in this article.

Please note that Yubico does not control how services add support for our keys, so if you run into trouble with a certain service, it is recommended that you reach out to that service's support for help first, before contacting us.