YubiKey for YubiCloud Configuration Guide

Describes how to use the YubiKey Personalization Tool application to configure your YubiKey for Yubico OTP, and then upload the AES key to the Yubico validation server. You can then add your YubiKey to your supported service provider or application. When we ship the YubiKey, Configuration Slot 1 is already programmed for Yubico OTP and ready to use, and Configuration Slot 2 is not configured. Use this guide to overwrite Configuration Slot 1 or to configure Configuration Slot 2 as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions:


I noticed I am only able to upload a Yubico OTP credential if the public ID begins with vv, but OTPs generated by my YubiKey from the factory begin with cc; what's the difference?


We have reserved the cc prefix for credentials generated/programmed using Yubico's factory programming stations to distinguish them from user-generated credentials. The vv prefix is mandated to help further distinguish how a credential was programmed. As far as the actual difference, some services require you to use a factory-programmed Yubico OTP credential (i.e. one that begins with cc); this decision is up to the service provider, not Yubico. If you have run into a situation where your factory credential has been erased and you consequently cannot use your key with a service like this, you should contact the service provider to see if anything can be done. For more information about Yubico OTPs in general, see https://developers.yubico.com/OTP/OTPs_Explained.html.


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