Using a YubiKey with USB-C Adapters

Yubico has tested various USB-C adapter/hub/dock models, as well as received reports on various models over time. Where possible, we recommend purchasing a YubiKey with a connector designed for the port you are using (e.g. purchasing a USB-C YubiKey for use with a USB-C port), but understand that adapters are sometimes unavoidable.

Following is the list of adapters that have worked well, and those that we do not recommend using. We always recommend that you test the adapters in your own environment first.

These adapters worked well with YubiKeys:

  • Mediasonic USB-C to USB-A Female USB 3.1
  • Nonda USB-C to USB (be sure you are using a "genuine" Nonda)
  • Apple USB-C to USB
  • Belkin USB-C to USB
  • MonoPrice USB-C to USB

The following adapters performed poor or inconsistently with YubiKeys: