Using a YubiKey with USB-C Adapters

If you have purchased a MacBook with USB-C ports, you can still use a YubiKey on your Mac with the addition of a USB-C adapter. To use Your YubiKey with a USB-C adapter

  1. Insert the YubiKey into the adapter.
  2. Insert the adapter+YubiKey into the USB-C port.
  3. When prompted by the service you’re using, tap the YubiKey.

USB-C Adapters

Yubico has tested various USB-C adapters. Following is the list of adapters that have worked well during our testing, and those that we do not recommend using. As always, we recommend that you test the adapters in your own environment first. Note: All testing was performed without a USB-C hub. The following adapters worked well with YubiKeys in our test environment:

  • Mediasonic USB-C to USB-A Female USB 3.1
  • Nonda USB-C to USB (be sure you are using a "genuine" Nonda)
  • Apple USB-C to USB
  • Belkin USB-C to USB
  • MonoPrice USB-C to USB

The following adapters did not perform reliably with YubiKeys and we do not recommend using them:

  • Apple USB-C Multi-adapter
  • Insignia (BestBuy) USB-C to USB