YubiKey Support on Android

Native Support

Natively, the following features of the YubiKey are supported on Android over USB.

  • OTP* (Yubico OTP, Static Password, and OATH-HOTP)
  • U2F (requires Google Authenticator to be installed)

The following features are not supported natively by Android over USB.

  • HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response*
  • PIV
  • OpenPGP**

*Native OTP support excludes HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response credentials

**The YubiKey's OpenPGP feature can be used over USB or NFC with third-party application OpenKeyChain app, which is available on Google Play

Extended Support via SDK

Android apps can add support for the following YubiKey features over both USB and NFC by incorporating our SDK for Android.

  • OTP (includes Yubico OTP, Static Password, and OATH-HOTP)
  • OATH (Yubico Authenticator)
  • PIV