Will there be taxes, duties, customs, and carrier surcharges on my order?

Taxes, duties, carrier surcharges, and VAT, are all fees charged by the purchaser's country of origin and or their shipping agents. Some places have very few fees while others have a whole list of parties that impose some type of charge for the importing of products to their country. Below are the typical types of fees associated with the purchase of YubiKey.

YubiKeys purchased at Yubico.com ship from the US and EU. When a package must travel through border customs, there may be a customs fee (import duty) that the buyer is responsible for paying. Typically, this means that if a package is shipping outside of the United States or European Union, it will be subject to customs fees.

A request for payment will usually come from the shipping company. It is the buyer's responsibility to know their country’s border fees and taxes, and expect to pay them when importing products from Yubico.


1. US Sales Tax

Yubico collects sales tax as required by the governing body of your State. If sales tax is due, this will be displayed during the checkout process in the cart.

If an item is subject to sales tax in the state to which the order is shipped, sales tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item. For certain shipments, taxes may be collected on shipping and handling charges in accordance with state tax laws. The amount of tax charged on an order will depend on factors including the type of item purchased and destination of the shipment. Factors can change between the time you place an order and the time of credit card charge authorization, which could impact the sales tax calculation. The amount appearing on your order is an Estimated Tax and may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged.


2. Import Taxes, Duties, Carrier Surcharges
Import Taxes, Duties, Carrier Surcharges, and VAT are separate fees that are the responsibility of the purchaser. Yubico does not collect or pay these fees.

We use the VIES service to validate VAT numbers. If your number does not validate, we cannot accept it. Check if your number validates on the VIES service. If it does not, contact your local VAT authority.