How to apply VAT to your order

How to add VAT at check-out

You have the opportunity to add your VAT number on the second step at check-out. After you fill out your shipping information and choose a shipping method, you will be prompted to move forward to the second page of check-out. There you’ll find this input box:


Common Questions

Unknown error
If you receive the “unknown error” message when pressing “apply” after entering your VAT number, please retry entering the information again. If you are still experiencing the error, please check the validity of your VAT number on the VIES validation website.


Unable to update orders with VAT retroactively 
Please note that VAT must be entered at checkout, using the input-box shown in the picture above. We will not accept any VAT number being entered in the order-note field. We have no way to retroactively add VAT when an invoice has been generated and an order created. The VAT number must be entered at the VAT input field at checkout. 


If you forgot to add your VAT at checkout
As stated in the section above, VAT cannot be retroactively added. You have a 30 minute window to cancel your order after it has been placed. After that you will have to place a new order with the updated details.


Which site is used to validate VAT? 
We are using the VIES validation website.