New to Cybersecurity?

New to Cybersecurity 

Are you new to cybersecurity? We know there can be a lot of technical terms to understand, and we hope this article can help point you in the right direction! If you haven’t already, we advise you to check our For Individuals page here. It will go through the basics on what a YubiKey is, why to use it, and how it works. 


Passwords are highly vulnerable as they are easy to create and steal. Stolen credentials allow malicious actors to impersonate a compromised user, but can also be used to gain additional credentials and information. The bar is simply too low with passwords. Even legacy MFA methods, such as SMS or mobile authentication, have all been proven to be highly vulnerable to phishing. Phishing-resistant MFA based on FIDO/WebAuthn authentication protocols, such as the YubiKey, is the modern and effective approach to keeping your hard work, brand image, and business protected.




To learn more about what security protocols are, technical terms, and modern authentication, please check our resources listed below.