Security Key C NFC - Enterprise Edition



Note: This article lists the technical specifications of the Security Key C NFC - Enterprise Edition. If you're looking for setup instructions for your Security Key C NFC - Enterprise Edition, see


The Security Key C NFC - Enterprise Edition provides the FIDO2 application as well as the U2F application, and can communicate using near-field communication (NFC), allowing for greater flexibility. The Security Key C NFC - Enterprise Edition includes a serial number for asset tracking, both accessible via software and laser marked on the back.



YubiKey Application Firmware 5.7+ Firmware 5.0 - 5.6
FIDO2 Up to 100 discoverable credentials (unlimited non-discoverable) Up to 25 discoverable credentials (unlimited non-discoverable)
FIDO U2F Unlimited credentials Unlimited credentials



The Security Key C NFC - Enterprise Edition uses a USB 2.0 interface as well as an NFC interface. All of the applications are available through both interfaces.




The FIDO2 application allows for secure single and multi-factor authentication, and can store up to 25 discoverable credentials (100 with firmware 5.7+). These credentials, which are protected by a PIN, enable passwordless login, where the YubiKey, unlocked by a PIN and authorized by touch, can log you in to your accounts without entering a username or password. For FIDO certification information, see YubiKey Hardware FIDO2 AAGUIDs.


USB Interface: FIDO


More about FIDO2



The U2F application can hold an unlimited number of U2F credentials.


USB Interface: FIDO


To find out if an application is compatible with the Security Key C NFC, browse to the Works With YubiKey Catalog, and in YubiKey drop-down, select Security Key C NFC to only display services that are compatible with it.


Physical Specifications

Form Factor

Connector: USB-C
Dimensions: 18mm x 45mm x 3.7mm
Weight: 4g



Operational range: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Storage range: -20 °C to 85 °C (-4 °F to 185 °F)