Troubleshooting NFC on the YubiKey

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If you are experiencing issues using the NFC feature on your YubiKey, you can use the steps below to troubleshoot. Before trying these steps, please follow the Basic YubiKey Troubleshooting guide first to ensure your device is working.

  1. Verify that NFC is enabled in your phone’s settings.

  2. Remove your case from your phone, as some cases cause interference with the NFC communication.

  3. Place the YubiKey over the location of the NFC reader on your phone. If you are unsure of where the NFC reader is located on your phone, you can Google Image Search for your phone model plus “nfc antenna location”.

  4. Hold the YubiKey to the phone for a full 3-5 seconds until you hear a confirmation noise from your phone.

If your phone does not read anything from the YubiKey and does not make a confirmation noise, you will want to Set the NDEF Slot for NFC Usage for the slot your credential is in (slot 1 by default) and try these steps again.

If your phone reads something or makes a confirmation noise but the authentication fails, you can run a full scan in the TagInfo by NXP Semiconductors app (available on Android and iOS) and submit the result of the scan as a support ticket.

Note: NFC usage on iPhones is only supported on the iPhone 7 and newer, running iOS 11.3.1 and newer.

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