Getting Started with the YubiKey on macOS

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Confirming macOS Detects the YubiKey

Insert the YubiKey into your Mac and confirm the LED flashes. The first time you insert a YubiKey, the Keyboard Setup Assistant should open. When it does, simply close it (the Keyboard Setup Assistant). If it does not, you can use the Basic YubiKey Troubleshooting article to confirm your Mac is detecting the YubiKey.

Securing Your Mac with a YubiKey

Following are two methods available for securing your Mac login with a YubiKey. The key difference between these (PAM and PIV, respectively) is that PAM, while being more secure of the two options, is also much harder to set-up on your system.

For More Information

For more information about what you can do with your YubiKey, see YubiKeys for Personal Use and the Getting Started page.

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