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The YubiKey can be connected to an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad by using a Lightning-to-USB connector. When a YubiKey is connected to an iOS device, only the OTP mode functions listed below are available.

  • Yubico OTP
  • Static Password

Note: With older iOS devices such as an iPhone 4 or iPad 3 that do not have a Lightning connector, you will need Apple’s Camera Connection Kit instead of a Lightning-to-USB adapter.

Using Your YubiKey on iOS

Using your YubiKey on iOS is very similar to using it on your desktop or laptop computer. After connecting the YubiKey to your device with the appropriate adapter, you can short press (1 second) or long press (3+ seconds) to activate the credential in slot 1 and slot 2 on the YubiKey respectively.

Testing the YubiKey on iOS

If you would like to test your YubiKey on iOS, you can use the steps below.

  1. Connect your YubiKey to your iOS device using the appropriate adapter.
  2. Wait until the green light in the touch button is blinking, indicating the iOS device has detected the YubiKey.
  3. If a dialog box appears with the message “The connected device is not supported” the first time the YubiKey is plugged into your device, simply click OK to exit the dialog box.
  4. Open Safari and browse to
  5. Click in the YubiKey field.
  6. Touch the metal contact on your YubiKey. The YubiKey will type the one-time password (OTP) and send it to the server.
  7. Verify it succeeds with the “You have been successfully authenticated!” message.

Note: If the One-Time Password verification fails and begins with a capital letter, check to be sure you have turned off auto-capitalization in the iOS preferences. This setting is turned on by default. To turn it off, go to Settings > General > Keyboards, and slide the setting to turn off Auto-Capitalization.

App developers can learn more about the Yubico Mobile SDK for iOS on our developer site.

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