Securing Reddit with Yubico Authenticator and the YubiKey

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Reddit has enabled two-factor authentication for users via tools like Google Authenticator. Yubico makes a similar software solution called the Yubico Authenticator. YubiKey users can use the Yubico Authenticator for Desktop or Mobile application with the YubiKey to generate the codes from their YubiKey. Since the codes are generated on the YubiKey, users can move between computers or Android devices, without being constrained to a single device.

This document will walk through the steps for setting up two-factor authentication on Reddit using the YubiKey and the Yubico Authenticator.

  1. Log into Reddit and access the User Settings option on the main menu.

  2. Under the User Settings pages, select the Privacy & Security tab and click on Two-factor authentication.

  3. On the two-factor preferences page, scroll down to the two-factor authentication section, and click on the text “click to enable”.

  4. This will open a dialog asking to either verify the email associated with the Reddit account, or if the email is already verified, for the user to confirm the email address is correct. Click to proceed.

  5. After verifying the email associated with the Reddit account, Reddit will display a dialog with a QR code for registering an authenticator app, like Yubico Authenticator. With this dialog open on the screen, launch or open Yubico Authenticator by clicking on the Yubico Authenticator icon on the taskbar.

  6. In the Yubico Authenticator window, click on File, then select Scan QR code… When selecting this option, first ensure the QR code from Reddit is displayed on the screen.

  7. The Yubico Authenticator will open a new dialog with the information included in the QR code from Reddit. Verify the Issuer and Account name (issuer should be Reddit, account name should match the user account), then click the button Save credential to save the data to the YubiKey.

  8. The Yubico Authenticator will now display the code for Reddit. The code can either be copied manually, or double clicked to copy it to the clipboard. Enter the code into the page on Reddit asking for the 6-digit verification code.

  9. This will register the YubiKey via Yubico Authenticator to Reddit. When logging in, launch Yubico Authenticator, plug in the YubiKey to the computer, and the codes will be automatically generated. As before, users can either double click to copy them to the clipboard, right click to copy them, or manually type the code in.

  10. When using the YubiKey NEO with an Android device with NFC, simply tap the YubiKey to the back of the mobile device over the NFC antenna with the Yubico Authenticator open. The Yubico Authenticator on Android will automatically generate the authentication codes.

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