How to collect FIDO WebAuthn logs

When troubleshooting FIDO WebAuthn, it is sometimes helpful to provide logs. Here are the known places to collect logs for FIDO WebAuthn transactions. If you are aware of additional logging locations that we have not mentioned here, please let us know by submitting feedback via the bottom of this page.


Windows 10 / 11

All WebAuthn transactions, even when using a browser, are captured in the Windows event logs. Use Event Viewer to save these logs.


  • Open “Event Viewer”.
  • Navigate to "Application and Services Logs" -> "Microsoft" -> "Windows" -> "WebAuthN" -> "Operational".
      • Note: be careful to select the appropriate section. There is also a “WebAuth” section, but this is not the correct folder.
  • To export the log, Right click on "Operational" and select "Save all Events as..." and use the *.evtx file format.
  • To export a subset of the logs, select multiple log entries using shift or ctrl + click in the center log view panel. Right click on your selection and choose "Save selected events..."
  • If you have chosen to export the entire log file, please make a note as to the approximate time you encountered the issue. That will help us narrow down which logs are the most relevant.

Azure / Office 365 

For troubleshooting problems with passwordless authentication with Azure, Please browse to the Microsoft article linked below and follow the instructions.

Chrome browser

Logging has to be enabled in Chrome before the issue occurs. We will turn on logging, then reproduce the issue to capture the logs.


  • Open Chrome.
  • Navigate to chrome://device-log/?refresh=5
  • Pick these settings:



  • Open another tab, and conduct your test to reproduce the issue.
  • Navigate back to the Device Log tab.
  • Right click on the page and select save “Save as…” to save the log as a html file.