Error in YubiKey Communication - Android

If you are receiving the error message "Error in YubiKey Communication" when using the Yubico Authenticator for Android, then the following troubleshooting steps may help you in resolving this issue.


  1. Reinstall the Yubico Authenticator
  2. Check your phone's make/model information to confirm the NFC reader location. Once found, try holding the YubiKey in this area for up to 5 seconds. This is the most common cause for this error message if the YubiKey is not being held at the right angle or for long enough.
  3. Check if any credentials have been added to the Yubico Authenticator. If no credentials or accounts have been added, try adding one using our demo website ( If you are having trouble on your mobile device, please try adding an account on the desktop version of the Yubico Authenticator (
  4. You can try disabling OpenPGP and PIV over NFC in the YubiKey Manger under the Interfaces Tab (with your YubiKey plugged in).
  5. There may have been a chance that an account/service you added was corrupted. If this is the case, you can delete the most recently added account. To do this, install ykman ( and run the following commands to list the OATH credentials and delete the most recent one.
    Use the first one to list the account credentials:
    ykman oath accounts list
    Then try deleting the credential that was added most recently to your YubiKey. The general syntax for this is:
    ykman oath accounts delete <query>

**This error message can occur if you do not have any OATH accounts added to the YubiKey.

If you are still having trouble, please open a support ticket here ( and submit the following information:


  1.  Run a full scan in the NFC TagInfo by NXP app (available on the Google Play Store the iOS App Store) and submit the result of the scan in your ticket.