Does my order include tracking?


Almost all our shipments have tracking included. Whether you receive tracking information about your shipment depends on the shipping destination and the type of shipment method chosen at checkout.


At the 'Step 2/3 - checkout: Shipping information' of your cart checkout, it will list the shipping options available to your provided address. Below shows an example of our current shipping methods for Sweden. If the box doesn't state otherwise, the shipment option includes tracking. 

Please note that it'll always be clear if a shipping method does not include tracking by it saying "No Tracking Available". In the few instances where tracking isn't available, orders will be shipped from Europe


For the shipping options that offers tracking information, you will be e-mailed the tracking number to the email address provided at checkout once the order has been processed by the courier. 


Is time a concern? 

We recommend a shipping option with tracking or to purchase through one of our authorized resellers.