Is the Security Key Series right for you?

When choosing between our keys, you have multiple options, such as the Security Key Series or the YubiKey 5 Series YubiKeys. Below are some key differences and factors to consider when deciding on if the Security Key Series is right for you. 


Scenarios when the Security Key Series is right for you:

  • Ideal for those looking for a professional grade strong authentication at a more accessible price point
  • The Security Key Series supports FIDO U2F or FIDO2/WebAuthn protocols. Some common websites that use these include:
    • Gmail, YouTube, Dropbox, Twitter, Coinbase, Microsoft accounts (such as Office 365, Xbox live, etc.) 
    • It also works with hundreds of other websites, services and applications and a growing list of password managers, such as 1Password, Dashlane, and crypto exchanges such as Gemini, Binance and others using FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F authentication standards
  • Securing an account using NFC for tap and go authentication
  • Authenticating across desktop and mobile 


However, if you need more comprehensive security protocols, then our YubiKey 5 Series may be the right choice for you, which includes:

  • Supporting a broader spectrum of applications and services using a range of protocols such as OTP, OATH and Smart card/PIV
  • Broader set of form factors (connection types), which includes Lightning or Nano form factors
  • Securing legacy and modern environments and offers a bridge to passwordless, utilizing non-FIDO protocols
  • Securing apps and services using the Yubico Authenticator app
  • Windows Home users securing local computer login
    (using Yubico Login for Windows)
  • Mac users securing local computer login
  • Enterprises securing users across a wide range of business scenarios such as secure remote/hybrid workforce, shared workstations, mobile restricted environments, privileged users, 3rd party access, end customers and more
  • Strong authentication across desktop and mobile devices